Meet the Horses

Miss Kitty:  Age 30, comes out of Reno.  Was a rescue, malnourished, bad feet, bad teeth, full of stickers being left in a pasture.  Been at Double Hearts for about two years.

Winky aka “old man”:  Age ~mid 30’s.  Teeth were extremely long, long feet.  Former gymkhana horse, used in rodeo.  Was given to Double Hearts by a former 4H Horse students.  She had another horse, and left winky out in pasture.  Double Hearts stepped in and brought his weight up with good dental treatments and lots of good mash.

Cowboy:  Age 45.  Besides having no teeth he is a healthy boy.  No arthritis.  Very happy go lucky.  Loves kids, and enjoys being out kicking up his heels and loves to roll.

Reining Cash Gold aka “love bug”:  Age 7 on June 5th.  One of Double Hearts original horses, bred out of Cashes Gold.  A true “teenager”  loves to get into everything and cause mischief, but everyone loves him.

Cashes Gold aka Cashe, turned 11 on April 6.  She has been with Double Hearts since the day she was born.  She is the princess of the ranch and never lets you forget it!  She is Donna’s pride and joy.  She also has a filly, that is coming up to age 2 in May.  She will be going through some training very soon.

Lucy:  Lucy has been with Double Hearts for 17 yrs, is currently in pasture helping to keep the grass mowed down in Valley Springs.  Once the grass is gone, her vacation will be over and she will be back at the ranch.j

JB:  A Thoroughbred, has been with Double Hearts for about two months and has already put on 200lbs!  He has had his dental and parasite check ups.

Last but not least….Serenity…not a horse….but she likes to come to the ranch and run and play with everyone and get into mischief. Where you see Donna, you will see Serenity.

Most of the rescue horses that find their way to Double Hearts go on to lead happy and productive lives no matter how old or young they are.  Some live out their lives at Double Hearts giving joy to the kids, some go on to new homes and new owners that love them just as much.

If you are looking for a nice, safe horse, give us a call and we can look for one for you!